8th March 2019


Dear Parents and Carers,


On Tuesday 12th March, it is the Year 2 Music festival at Wood Green School. The children have learned many songs and are excited to perform them for you on the stage.


The children need to be brought to the main entrance at Wood Green School at 4.15. Please do not bring them before this time as there will not be any staff to welcome the children.


The children need:

  • To wear their school uniform
  • A snack and a drink.The children should arrive at 4.15 and we will have a rehearsal on the stage with all of the other schools. At about 5.35 they have a short break where we go to a classroom to eat our snacks and have a bathroom break. The performance then begins at 6 o clock. Parents need to bring tickets as people without tickets are refused.I am sure it will be a great evening and the children are looking forward to their Wood Green adventure.
  • Key Stage One Team
  • With thanks