Kilvrough Update 4

We all had an even better sleep last night (surprisingly, including the teachers!) as we were all worn out from Tuesday’s activities – most rooms went to bed a little earlier and slept in a little longer.

Last night we walked to Pennard Castle with our torches and spent some time stargazing. We were able to identify some constellations. With the torches off, we could also look down at Three Cliffs Bay where there is a large river meander, which reflected some light. We couldn’t see the sea but we could hear it once we realised it was there. The children enjoyed being out as one large group.

Today the current plan is for two groups to go caving, one canoeing and one climbing. The weather is dry and cloudy so far, although it is forecast to rain later on.

The children have just had breakfast and now need to tidy up for room inspection. Scores were quite low yesterday so hopefully today everyone will have hoovered, aired their rooms, put clothes away and made sure they have a bottom sheet on their beds!

Miss Jenkins