Kilvrough Update 3

It’s Tuesday evening and we are just having some free time before dinner (bolognaise). It has been a successful day of activities, with beautiful sunshine for those of us out on the canal. We had three pairs capsize their canoes (including Mrs Knowles) and lots of children chose to jump in at the end, despite the freezing cold water. We eventually¬†got used to how to paddle the canoes without bumping into the banks and some of us played games involving collecting balls or standing up and swapping places. We journeyed as far as a lock and back – we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The other two groups who went caving have been talking non-stop about all the different obstacles they managed to conquer today including their favourites: the white line challenge (NB), the letterbox (FK, MC, DW) and waist height water (SP). The photos that were taken in the caves are unbelievable – we’re looking forward to sharing them with you.

We are actually going on the beach walk tonight – with our torches – and hoping to see some stars. Yesterday we ended up doing the obstacle course in the grounds instead.

Miss Jenkins