Our Current Value is: Honesty


Dear Parents and Carers


Congratulations to Key Stage 2 on their wonderful performances this week to complete our Christmas celebrations. They sang and performed extremely well.  Thank you to all the staff across the school who have put on such a range of excellent Christmas concerts this year.


Please Save

Could you please save any magazines and colour supplements from newspapers that you might accumulate over the holidays as we need them for one of the clubs running after the holidays. Either send them to the school office or via the class teacher for my attention.  Thank you.



Parents of all Nursery children will be required to sign the eligibility form at the start of the new term.  Please could you come to the school office one day during the first week to complete this task.


PTA Disco

Thank you to everyone who supported the disco last week and especially to the members of the PTA who organised this event. Almost £1000 was raised which is excellent.


School Newspaper

Well done to the school Newspaper Team who have done a splendid job of putting the term’s newspaper together.



Via Pupil Post

School Newspaper

Club confirmation slips

Via Parent Mail



School Reopens on Monday 7th January


I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Yours sincerely




Katherine Spencer