Download: No 16 Jan 13th

Dear Parents, Carers and Governors

Hopefully we have avoided the snow that was forecast this week. However, should it snow this winter it may not be possible to open the school. We make every effort to keep the school open and sometimes we have a slightly later start to allow staff to make the journey by road. If travel is not possible we assess how many staff can walk to school. Notices will be put on the school website by 7am wherever possible notifying parents of school closure and / or a late opening in the case of snow. We do try to inform the radio stations but it is quite often difficult to get through if lots of schools are closed.

Census Day School Meals
Next Thursday is our school census that determines a significant part of our school budget. The Infant school meals is one of the determining factors as mentioned in last week’s newsletter. Please could you encourage your Key Stage 1 or Reception aged child to have a free school lunch that day – you will be boosting our budget if you do! Thank you for your support with this. The menu is:
Sausage and mash or cheese pizza, which is a change to the advertised cheese and potato pie.

After School Club
It has been a very successful first week at our after school club. Bookings can be made via the school office, as block bookings or on an ad hoc basis.

We have a very tight turn around in Nursery at the end of the morning, just half an hour to clear up the morning sessions and set up for the afternoon session. Please could morning parents be prompt in picking their children up. The gate will be open from 11.20am and all children should have been picked up by 11.30am. Thank you for your co-operation.

Tennis Club
Tennis will take place on the Red Playground each week unless it is raining when it will take place in the hall. Parents picking up from the hall after club should use the back door of the hall.

Sliver Smarties
We hope your children have enjoyed the Smarties and are asking to take Responsibility around the house in exchange for some 20ps!

Grendon Hall Years 3 and 4
There will be a meeting for children and parents about Grendon Hall on Tuesday 31st January at 5.30pm in Miss Cuthbertson’s Classroom

There is new guidance out about conjunctivitis which I thought you might find useful. It comes as an attachment today.

Admissions to School
Monday will be the closing date for applications to start school in September 2017.

Kelly Hale our new Chair of the PTA will be holding a meeting on Friday 20th January at 2pm for any parents who would like to get involved in the PTA but are unable to make the evening meetings. Please just come to the entrance of the school to meet her.

Via Pupil Post
Via Parent Mail
Values Newsletter
Conjunctivitis Poster

Next Week
Wednesday Governors Meeting
Wednesday PTA Meeting 7.30pm at the school
Friday Library Open for Book Exchange

Have a great weekend.

Yours sincerely

Katherine Spencer