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Dear Parents, Carers and Governors

We hope your children are enjoying taking ‘Responsibility’ around the home. We would like to display some of their activities on our Values Board. Please email some photographs to:

As you are aware the PTA are running their Silver Smarties fund raiser alongside our Responsibility Value and that filling the tubes is purely voluntary and should be viewed in the spirit of fund raising only. We are not expecting families to necessarily fill the tubes and if you have more than one child and you feel a ‘family’ tube is more appropriate then we will be more than grateful for any donations you can make. Please return the tubes to school by 31st January.

PTA News
The PTA met on Wednesday night to discuss future events and is pleased to announce that instead of the traditional summer fair this year we will be hosting a circus. Details about tickets will be out shortly. The date of the circus is Thursday 22nd June. Other events planned:
24th February Film Night for Years 1 to 6
17th March Quiz Night
22nd February Next Meeting 7.30pm

Parents’ Evenings
We will be holding parent/ teacher consultations in the week beginning 6th February. Every teacher will have an afternoon slot in addition to Thursday evening. We have been assured that the on line booking system is now fit for purpose after last Autumn’s fiasco and it will go live on Wednesday. If your child is on our Special Needs Register and you have a double appointment to discuss the Profile please call the school on Tuesday and Chloe will be able to manually book you a double appointment as the system won’t allow you to do this. Likewise if parents who are not together request separate appointments you will also need to contact Chloe as the system allows just one appointment per child.

All teachers are available on Thursday between 5.00pm and 7.30pm in addition to:

Miss Watton (Nursery) Monday pm
Mrs Ellis (Ash) Monday pm
Mrs Salmon /
Mrs Harris (Cherry Tree) Tuesday pm
Mrs Bradbury /
Mrs McPherson (Maple) Wednesday pm
Ms Evans (Birch) Tuesday pm
Mr Curtis (Beech) Tuesday pm
Miss Fillary (Oak) Thursday pm
Ms Mothersill (Willow) Thursday pm
Miss Cuthbertson (Elder) Thursday pm
Miss Pratley (Pine) Wednesday pm
Mr McPherson (Elm) Wednesday pm
Miss Jenkins (Lime) Friday pm

Mobile Phones
Please note that no child should be bringing a mobile phone to school. In exceptional circumstances, and only following agreement between parent and teacher, if a child needs a phone for an after school commitment then this must be handed into the teacher first thing in the morning and collected by the child at the end of the day. Thank you for your cooperation in supporting this action.

I have been asked by our neighbours, again, to remind parents about parking considerately outside the school and not to block the driveways and garages of local people. Also, please can I remind all parents that the school car park is for staff only and that children cannot be dropped off in the morning or picked up at the end of the school day. Parents of Nursery children may use the car park at lunchtimes only, when it is quieter and generally less busy.

Young Carers
There is a young Carers Drop in Group on Mondays between 12.00pm and 1.00pm which any child who considers themselves to be a Young Carer may go to. If they are not sure they can speak to Mrs Launchbury or Ms Batchelor.

Madley Park Playing Fields Project: Public consultation
As most of you will know, there are plans to refurbish the existing facilities at Madley Park Playing Fields. This includes vast improvements to the existing children’s play area as well as expanding the equipment for older children and teenagers in the field where the skysurfer stands.

Three potential designs will be shown at a public consultation event on Saturday 28 January at Madley Park Hall. This will be a drop-in event, from 1.00-4.00pm. Children, young people and parents will have the opportunity to ‘vote’ for the equipment that they would like to see in the new park.
Your views are essential in helping to shape its future use, please come along and have your say!
Tina Hepworth

School Peer Review
As you are aware we will be consulting very soon regarding academy status for the school. One of the reasons for this decision by governors is that the Local Authority Officers no longer make visits to school to check on whether we are doing a good job or not. Ofsted are the only body that will carry out that external exercise. Our last inspection deemed the school to be a good school and I would like to think that we have continued to maintain our standards and that any inspection would verify that. However, I have asked governors to consider an external review prior to our next inspection to support our development plan and to provide constructive feedback on our strengths and areas for development that we have identified. With that in mind we will be having a Peer Review on Tuesday. We will be visited by four headteachers (either currently serving or just out of headship) who will visit classes, observe learning and teaching, look at books, talk to children and staff and provide us with feedback about our school. I am sure they will be in the playground first thing in the morning so please feel free to speak to them if you see them.

Creative Arts
Plans are underway for an exciting creative arts week on 20th February and a letter outlining some events is accompanying the newsletter today. One of our parents is a cellist and is keen to do a little performance to the children but would like some company! If you play an instrument and would like to join to make a duet, quartet, or similar please let Mrs Bradbury know – it would be lovely to hear from you. Likewise if there are any woodwind or brass players who would like to form a group please let her know.

Via Pupil Post
Creative Arts Week Letter
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Term Dates for 2017 – 2018

Next Week
Wednesday Heights and Weights YR and Y6
Wednesday Lime Class to Wood Green for Sports Leader Training
Thursday Year 5/6 Boccia Competition
Friday Library Open for Book Exchange

Have a great weekend.

Yours sincerely

Katherine Spencer