Our Current Value is: Equality


Dear Parents and Carers


Congratulations to our Year 2 children who took part in the Partnership Concert on Tuesday night. Their singing was wonderful, their animations enchanting and their behaviour excellent. What a wonderful evening it was and we are very proud at how well they represented our school.


Fantastic Eggs-perience!

This week has seen the arrival of some new visitors to our school.  Undoubtedly you will have heard from your children, or even seen for yourself, that five beautiful yellow ducklings have hatched from the eggs delivered on Tuesday in Key Stage 2, and to date 5 chicks have appeared in Key stage 1 and two chicks in Foundation Stage.  Pupils from Nursery to Year 6 have been part of the experience. Some have been able to observe the hatchlings emerge from the eggs; others have already had the opportunity to hold the birds. Children have written newspaper reports and kept egg diaries, created artwork and made books, and all classes have learned many new facts about ducks and chickens and their life cycles.  Next week we will continue to observe how the birds change and grow, and  we are all particularly looking forward to the ducklings taking their first swim!


Sporting News:

Madley v Batt

On the 8th March 2019 Madley Brook played The Batt School at a game of football at home. On our team were: Eve Yardley, Erin Simpson, Ruby Hobbs, Daisy Hubert, Emily Clanfield, Seray Dogan, Charlotte Overhill and Millie Claridge. The score was 5-3 to Madley Brook. Eve scored 3, Daisy scored 1 and the last goal was an own goal. Both teams played really well and showed great sportsmanship.

By Emily Clanfield


Queen Emma’s vs Madley

On 1st March 2019 Madley Brook played Queen Emma’s at football away. On our team were: Eve Yardley, Erin Simpson, Ruby Hobbs, Daisy Hubert, Emily Clanfield, Seray Dogan, Charlotte Overhill and Millie Claridge. The end result was 7-0 to Madley Brook. Eve scored 6 goals and Daisy scored 1. Both teams showed great teamwork.

By Daisy Hubert


Madley Netball

On Wednesday 13th March, after school, 7 children from Year 6 – Ruby, Jack, Max, Erin, Rebecca, Daisy and Charlie – were all chosen to go to a second netball match. Their last game was an outstanding score as they won 14-1, where they played at Madley’s netball courts. Amazingly, they won a second time with the final score of 12-1. These amazing scorers were: Jack Sellick with 7 goals; Erin Simpson with 1; Daisy Hubert with 1 and Max Simpson with 3. This wonderful team played Finstock at Finstock’s netball courts. Madley’s next netball match will be played on Wednesday 20th March; they will be playing the Batt school on Batt’s ground! Let’s hope they win a third game. GO MADLEY!!!

By Ruby Hobbs, Year 6.


Lower Key Stage 2 Residential to Wilderness

Please remember that the final payments for this trip were due today. If you have outstanding payments these need to be made by Monday at the very latest.




Packed lunches

Lunchboxes are always checked by supervising adults when a child has finished eating to ensure that pupils have eaten and drunk a reasonable amount before they are allowed to leave the hall to go out to play.  A number of children with packed lunches have told staff that they do not like the sandwich filling or the flavour of crisps in their lunchbox, which might simply be an excuse to go out to play quicker. Therefore, if your child is regularly coming home with uneaten items please check with them that they do like what you have given them, and ensure that their lunchbox contains a sensible amount of food. We will continue to encourage them to eat what is packed. Thank you.


Thanks and Best Wishes

Elm Class say farewell to their student teacher today as Miss Rhodes ends her placement at our school. We thank her for all the work she has done with the children and wish her well as she continues her studies to become a primary school teacher.


Barrowers Corner

If you have not been down to the new garden recently I would recommend a trip. It is starting to take shape thanks to the amazing contribution of H and O Building who have given time and resources so generously. We are extremely grateful for the work they have done and for the support they have given to our project.



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Medical Form for Wilderness (Also emailed)

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Letter and Kit List for Wilderness Centre LKS2

Lower Key Stage 2 Egypt Day


Next Week

Thursday             Beech Class Parents’ Evening

Friday                    Beech Class Assembly 2.30pm


And Finally….

We have some news! Mrs Howlett gave birth to a baby girl yesterday. We don’t have any further details at the moment but I am sure you will join with me in congratulating her and her husband on the birth of their first child.


Have a great weekend.


Yours sincerely




Katherine Spencer