Download: No 7 Oct 20th

Dear Parents, Carers and Governors

Congratulations to our Year 5 /6 Hockey Team who entered a tournament this week. The School Games value for this tournament was self-belief and the team showed this throughout and played really well. The team got through to the semi-finals but played a tough game and unfortunately Aston beat them to the finals. Well done to everyone who took part.

I am delighted to say, that thanks to a further generous donation from one of our families, we have reached the target of £550 for the computer for Fusi School in Lesotho. The organisers of the charity that supports the area are delighted and thank everyone for their generous thoughts and contributions. We look forward to hearing from the children via email.

Year 6 Secondary School Applications
Please note the deadline for applications is October 31st.

We will be selling poppies after the half term break. There are also various items that children can purchase for a minimum donation of £1.

Book Fair
Thank you for everyone who supported our Book Fair. We took over £1200 which means we get £650 worth of free books for our school which is excellent and much needed funding. Classes are in the process of choosing what they would like or need.

We have sent out some plastic bags today for another fund raising activity which gives you the opportunity