(11) Drapery and the cleaning of the padding, which are otherwise taxable as physical personal property services. (ii) Mara, a resident of a taxable county, buys a television from a appliance house in a tax-free county. Whether Mara brings the television home in her car or the store delivers it to the Maras residence, the purchase is subject to the local user tax and not to the local turnover tax. Mara pays the local user tax directly to the ministry. The appliance house in the tax-free Landkreis is not obliged to collect local taxes. (2) The maximum occupancy tax on public and local hotels is 7%, plus additional local taxes collected and managed by a reporting county. (C) Mary Ellen, a resident of a subjugated county, leases a car to a non-taxable county owner on July 15, 1994. The owner is required to levy local taxes of 1%. (B) Using the representative sampling period, the licensee compares the amount representing the total cost of time and expenses for the entire lobbying, within the total amount of time and expenses associated with taxable lobbying services. In order to clarify two areas where the Department has found confusion among taxpayers, it is proposed to amend page 32.22 (with respect to sales to the U.S.

government or in areas within the jurisdiction of the federal government). Sub-part (a) deals with the sale of personal property to the United States Postal Service as sales to the U.S. government. A new subsection (b) provides that certain sales or use of physical personal property are taxable on behalf of or on behalf of the U.S. government and that the maintenance services of buildings sold or used by the U.S. government are not taxed. Existing subsections have been rewritten accordingly. (1) The occupancy of hotel rooms in a county subject is subject to the national hotel occupancy tax of 6% and the local occupancy tax of 1%. The occupancy of hotel rooms exempt from the national hotel occupancy tax at 6% is also exempt from the 1% occupancy tax. 2. When a service subject to other taxes is provided in that Commonwealth and the seller, renter or service provider is required to provide the service to a point outside that Commonwealth or to deliver the service to an intergovernmental carrier or the United States Postal service for transportation at a point outside that Commonwealth , the transaction is not taxable.

(1) A Pennsylvania buyer asks an employee of a creditor to introduce himself to the purchasers of that Commonwealth. This is a taxable transaction. (c) the sale and provision of services to physical personal property and other taxable services. The sale and services of personal property and other taxable services subject to public revenue and use tax are also subject to local tax if the sale is from a reporting county. Other taxable services include: maintenance and cleaning of buildings, collection and adaptation, computers, credit reports, disinfection and pest control, employment agency, assistance, lawn maintenance, lobbying, high-end cable, secretariat and writing, and self-storage.