3) budgetary exercise: any period of twelve months or less in the event of termination during the currency of the contract; The ineffectiveness or inapplicability of a clause in this agreement does not render the other provisions and the rest of the contract invalid or unenforceable, and the agreement remains fully in force. The supplier has throughout the duration of this agreement, with a reputable insurer, compensation/insurance fully covering all its obligations for an amount of no less than Rs….. (Frpies….) A software as a service agreement or a cloud service contract is a licensing agreement that gives a subscriber the right to access and use tourism services. It is different from a software license agreement that gives the licensee the right to obtain a copy of the licensed software. In this agreement, unless otherwise stated, the following interpretation applies: 4. The supplier`s primary obligation is to immediately and freely correct breaches of the warranty by providing materials and services to the customer, provided that the supplier fulfils its obligations and liability for such a failure. 1. This contract may be terminated under the following conditions: b. The provider agrees that the services provided by this contract are provided by persons designated by the supplier or by others, as the customer consents to in writing. This agreement, along with the timetables and annexes, constitutes the entire agreement on the purpose of this agreement and replaces all previous agreements between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement.

1. Both parties undertake to keep confidential all information relating to the affairs and affairs of the other party obtained or received as a result of the discussions that took place at the conclusion or conclusion of this agreement, on a leash: f. The client ensures a clean, healthy and safe working environment for the supplier`s staff, while providing the services provided for in this agreement. B. Immediately by one of the parties if the other party commits a substantial violation of a clause in this agreement that has not been corrected in ________days of a written claim for redress; and, as stipulated in this agreement, “confidential information” refers to any information (with data other than the customer) that is disclosed directly or indirectly, orally or by the inspection of physical property by one of the parties;i) which, by the part of the publication, is considered confidential or proprietary or (ii) because of legends or other marks, the circumstances of disclosure or the nature of the information themselves confidential or proprietary.