We can unsubscribe at any time, but we would only do so in full consultation with the schools. Microsoft offers a buy-back facility that allows us to buy back all rented copies. However, it is expensive and we plan to maintain the agreement with all the other higher education institutions that have registered. Your copies acquired under Microsoft Select will of course remain the property of the university. The latest versions for the above products are free, as they are covered by campus agreements. Office license for ACCESSonly (the agreement does NOT apply to server licenses): a selection is leased by the university and funded centrally. It contains the latest versions of Microsoft ® Office ® Standard – Professional Editions, Microsoft Office Macintosh ® Edition, Microsoft Windows ® Upgrades, Microsoft BackOffice ® Server Client Access License (CAL), Microsoft FrontPage ®, Microsoft Visual Studio™ Professional Edition and Microsoft ® Project. This means you can update previous versions for free and use previous versions. Windows Server versions are not included in Campus 3.1 and must be purchased separately as part of the Select agreement.

The campus agreement is renewed each year in September. This means that the software is licensed under campus on all university machines and for home work rights for employees. However, there is no provision for student use, although students can access the software on the management system desktop. (Please note: there are no server products included in the campus contract) Please note that Visio or Visual add-on options Studio.net not included for cost reasons. These must be acquired as individual licences under the Select Plus agreement. The campus agreement is a Microsoft licensing system in which the university can use it annually for the use of a wide range of Microsoft software. The use of this software is only authorized by university members, not students. The cost of the license is based on the number of employees on the university payroll.

The software under the program is licensed on all university machines, including computer labs. Staff can use the software for university use at home if they are not at university. Each department must register the installed copies. The full agreement and related information comes from the links listed below. If there are difficulties in interpreting regulations in grey areas, please contact IT Services. Unless a person is registered at the university as a collaborator or researcher, they are unlikely to fall into the terms of the agreement. We will renew the agreement all the time if there is the best value at UCL. It should be noted that the campus agreement does not cover all Microsoft products. As in the past, you have to buy these products from the IT purchasing team. We will have a selected agreement with Microsoft that will give us Microsoft products at a discounted price.

Office 365 Pro Plus/A3/A5 and/or Windows A3/A5 and/or E3/35 or M365 A3/A5. Components of 0365 A3/A5 or EM-S E3/E5 are not Education Platform products (except O365 Pro Plus) As with other Microsoft licensing programs, Microsoft does not provide technical assistance to UCL users.