As expected in 1274.923 (c), acquired property with western state resources in the government. Under a cost-sharing agreement, common ownership of real estate is equal to the cost-sharing ratio if the parties do not enter into specific agreements on the property. The transfer of the acquired land should be dealt with in the cooperative contract at the time of award. The cooperative contract may provide that all these assets are brought by the beneficiary as a barbaric contribution. An appropriate value of the dollar must be indicated and duly supported. In this case, the title is transferred to the recipient. In addition, NASA and the recipient may, once the efforts are made, include in the cooperation agreement any other appropriate agreement at the disposal of the acquired property. 3. Scholars may, in exceptional cases, waive specific administrative requirements (as indicated in NF 1674) for individual grants. Derogations from the administrative duties normally delegated must be reasoned and approved in writing by the Grant Officer and be part of the file.

(d) Petitions submitted with successful proposals for the negotiation of an agreement are forwarded by the contractor or agent to the patent adviser`s request for treatment and then to the Inventions and Contributions Committee. The Board of Directors will review these petitions and, when the Board of Directors makes the findings in support of the waiver, will recommend to the administrator that the waiver be granted and inform the petitioner and the contract officer of the director`s determination. The contract representative is informed by the Board of Directors if there is not sufficient time, information or other reasons to allow a decision without excessively delaying the implementation of the agreement. In the latter case, the petitioner is informed by the person in charge of the contract. All other petitions are processed by the PatentCounsel and forwarded to the House. The Commission informs the petitioner of its action and, when a waiver is granted, conditions, reservations and obligations are included in the waiver instrument. If the House informs a petitioner of a recommendation contrary to or different from the requested waiver, the petitioner may request a new review in accordance with the procedures established by the regulations. c) In order to clarify the reporting obligations of fellows and recipients of a cooperation contract, the granting officer will include in the award document the form “Publications and Necessary Reports” (Annex G to Part A of this Part 1260). (iii) NASA may accept cost-sharing if it is offered voluntarily. For more information, see 1260.123. Subsidies and cooperation agreements with cost-compliant trade organizations are available at 14 CFR Part 1274.

The amount of cost-sharing is not a factor in selecting an award proposal. However, recipients may be invited to receive non-federal compensation funds corresponding to the share of the training and training scholarship program. In accordance with NASA`s policy to promote research continuity, proposals for multi-year fellowships for a generally maximum duration of up to three years will be encouraged. The multi-year scholarship proposals describe the entire research project and include a full budget for the first year and separate estimates for each subsequent year. (a) NASA`s policy is to ensure maximum continuity in funding for subsidized research and education activities, so that grants may be extended for additional periods if necessary for completion of the work, which was part of the original price. NASA generally allows these extensions only within the resources already available. Any extension that would require additional resources must be supported by a proposal submitted at least three months before the grant expires.