A credit agreement and a service level agreement are usually the same things and both should be comprehensive enough to have all the information such as payment amount, level of service, schedules, jurisdiction, etc. Q28. In the name of what should I buy stamps? 5.2 In addition, any public servant may seize these mislabeled instruments if they find out. These seized instruments are to be sent to the collector, who then determines the amount of tax and, if necessary, the penalty to be paid. Each part to an instrument can also submit suo moto an evaluation instrument by the collector u/s 31. 2.3 An instrument that covers or concerns several different issues is too resilient with the total amount of tariffs for which each instrument would have been charged. 1. The value of the largest remaining share after the division is excluded for Q29 Customs. What happens if the instrument is executed on stamps that do not bear the name of one of the performers? Same right as on a rental right basis for the residual term of the lease. Turnover brands are often used by all sectors of society, especially with the payment of money.

Denomination: Re. 1.00 Use: Receipt of payment of Money The Maharashtra (Bombay) Stamp Act, 1958 comes into force on 16 February 1959 and is applicable in the State of Maharashtra. The purpose of this law is to levy stamp duty on certain types of documents exported to the state or transferred from outside to meet them in the state. The various instruments/documents are, on the whole, covered by Article 62 of The Calendar-I Annex. The rates for which stamp duty is levied on these documents are indicated in Schedule I of The Maharashtra (Bombay) Stamp Act, levies stamp duty on documents/instruments by which a right or liability is created, transferred, restricted, extended, erased or registered. Stamp duty must be paid on the instrument and not on transactions. As far as the duty of the state is concerned, it generally varies from state to state. Nevertheless, there is a general pattern that is followed. Let`s take a look, for example, at the stamp duty imposed by the Karnataka government.

In addition to the above documents, the Karnataka government applies stamp duty: the same tax as on transport on the amount covered by Act 2. The assignment of copyright is exempt from stamp duty. Q30. What is the amount of stamp duty rates on instruments relating to the transfer of real estate? A Service Level Contract (SLA) is a formal document between a service provider and the user. It does not define how the service is provided, but provides a measurable framework for the provision of that service. Some metrics used to define ALS may include the average time between errors, agreed accepted downtime on an agreed schedule, response times, and solution times. Q6. Should stamp duty be paid on transactions or instruments? 2) The tax payable at point g) will amount to only 500 executors if the tax is already paid in accordance with Article 5 (g bis) of the Development Rights Agreement 2.2 per cent of the act, at the rate indicated in Schedule I, on any instrument exported to the State.