If you are an eA customer with an existing Office 365 customer, you are taking the following steps to activate Windows 10 subscription licenses for your existing customer: My company is trying to acquire licenses for Windows 10 Enterprise for various reasons and I am not very perplexed about Microsoft`s licensing strategy. This licensing agreement was designed for organizations that do not have a single, no-expiration agreement across the organization, but wish to license Microsoft software for their 250 or more users or devices. The idea behind the agreement is to consolidate Microsoft services, including insurance software, software and cloud services. These additional features have been integrated to make the company the most suitable for medium and large companies. However, companies must first install Windows 10 Pro and then purchase the Enterprise license as a subscription add-on. In other words, even if a company`s business subscription expires, they can still run Windows Pro. This agreement replaces Select Plus, the previous agreement that customers could use to make volume license purchases. Select Plus has been made available to commercial enterprises and is only available to qualified public sector organizations. The Enterprise Agreement offers organizations the most important discounts and the best benefits. Companies are better able to budget for the future by saving a price at the beginning of the agreement and paying lower pre-cost by spreading their payments over the three years of their contract. Software Assurance, which is included in the enterprise agreement, offers additional benefits, including: Part of this optimization advantage is the server and cloud registry option within the Microsoft Enterprise agreement. This recording allows organizations to engage in Microsoft servers and cloud technologies.

It offers the best savings and some additional benefits, including access to Microsoft Azure, mobile application licenses and more. The Microsoft Enterprise agreement is for organizations that have at least 500 users or devices that must include them in their Windows 10 registration – for public sector organizations, the minimum is reduced to 250. This agreement provides these large organizations with the best value and flexibility, allowing them to acquire software licenses and cloud services under a single agreement.