Why do my and my principal have to sign the apprenticeship agreement – The signing of the apprenticeship agreement will be: -Remember your commitment to the learning process – Remember your head teacher`s responsibility to help you achieve your learning goals I can change my learning agreement? Yes, you can change it or make a new one. You can change it: If you think you`ve finished learning a subject, or if you want to learn something else. During the learning process, you and your training manager will consider/check your learning agreement at least every two weeks. INDIVIDUELS APPRENTISSAGE OBJECTIVES – What the learner can do for a given period of time – Present the benchmarks that allow learners to access their own progress in the program – help you determine the learning modules, activities and timelines used in the learning program. The flexible learning style used in this system helps learners achieve their individual learning goals. In this context, flexibility means that out-of-school youth and adult learners can decide what they learn, when they will learn and how they will learn. Learning needs are written as learning objectives on the Individual Learning Agreement [ILA] SIGNING THE INDIVIDUAL LEARNING AGREEMENT EIn asking learners to sign the individual learning agreement, the instruction manager/moderator helps the learner to commit to their learning program. Education is a parallel learning system in the Philippines, which offers a practical option for existing formal education. If or not you do not have formal education in schools, the S ALS is a substitute or substitute. The system only requires learners to participate in learning sessions based on the timetable agreed between learners and learners.

If a learner has not yet completed primary school, he or she may be admitted to the program. it must go through a functional bedding test (FLT) to enable the intermediary to learn to determine the level of literacy. Learning modules are proposed to focus them on the outcome of their FLT and interest. The learner is then guided to reach an Individual Learning Agreement (AIA).