Summer Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers

We finally made it to the end of the school year! And what an interesting school year this has been. Who would have thought a few months ago we would have found ourselves remote teaching and learning? Your overwhelming support during these past months has been exceptional and as a team we cannot thank you enough for all the help, encouragement and perseverance you have given to home educating your child. We know that at times it was challenging and often frustrating but we hope you have felt supported by our wonderful teachers and teaching assistants to keep going. I think we are all ready for a holiday!

Thank you to everyone who has completed our parent questionnaire. Your feedback is very useful for us moving forward. Thank you for all the positive comments you have made about the school’s efforts over recent months.

Lunchtime Supervisors

We are looking for a lunchtime supervisor to work every day between 11.45am and 1.00pm. Information and an application form is available on the school website. We are also looking for anyone who would be willing to work on a casual basis as and when needed. If this suits you please complete the application form too and return to me via email.

PTA News

I have attached a newsletter from our PTA.

Governor News from our Chair of Governors:

Headteacher recruitment update

We were unable to interview candidates as originally planned due to the lockdown period, so re-opened applications again to maximise our chances of success. Applications now close on Friday 11 September, and our intention is to appoint in late September ready for the new headteacher to start in January 2021. We are very grateful to Katherine for extending her leaving date and ensuring stable leadership for the school during these unusual times.

Thank you from the Governors

A big thank you on behalf of the Governors to all staff, parents and carers for your tremendous work and support during this very different school year. We are very fortunate to have such a passionate and dedicated team at Madley Brook. The willingness and ability of everyone to step up to the challenges presented has been nothing short of exemplary and is the embodiment of Madley Brook’s values. Most importantly, it is the children who benefit from all your efforts and that is a credit to you all. We wish you all a peaceful and happy summer break. Well done.

Ed Kay

Mrs Burnett

It was not the retirement party we had wanted to give her but we made the most of what opportunities we could to send Angie on her way. I know how overwhelmed she was by the generosity of so many parents and the kind and lovely messages you wrote to her. There are some pictures on the Dojo if you want to see.

The school will be a very different place without her but her legacy will live on. Angie’s kindness, dedication and absolute passion for doing the best for children will live on in Madley Brook and we wish her all the very best for her retirement.


September Guidance for Parents for September – initial thoughts

PTA Newsletter

Excel Tennis Flyer

Term Dates 2020 – 2021

Term Dates 2021 – 2022

So as the school year draws to an end I would like to extend our very best wishes to our leavers: Year 6, Miss Wise, Miss Fillary and a small number of children in other year groups will be moving onto pastures new at the end of the summer. We extend them every good wish for the future.

And finally….. what an amazing team we have here. I am so proud to be the headteacher of this wonderful school and could not have asked for anymore over the last few months from the staff who work here. They have remained positive, dedicated and truly professional throughout this global pandemic. I thank them, each and every one of them, for all they do for our children to keep our school such a safe and happy place. Thank you to parents, carers and governors and the RLT Central Team who have worked tirelessly to support us and to the amazing children of Madley Brook – you have done our school proud and you deserve a long summer holiday with no home schooling!

School reopens on Thursday 3rd September.

With very best wishes

Katherine Spencer