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Dear Parents and Carers

Christmas has descended on Madley Brook this week and classrooms are starting to look festive. We will hold our tree decorating assembly, remotely, today.

Children may begin to bring Christmas cards to their friends if they so wish and there are boxes set up in classrooms to receive these. The last day for cards is Monday 14th December to allow them to quarantine before being distributed on the last day of term.

However, staff will not be sending Christmas cards this year. Instead staff have a central board for Christmas messages and we will donate the cost of our cards to charity. We have chosen a number of charities to support. Whole school staff to staff charity is Alzheimer’s Society, then each team will decide their own charity and teachers will post details of these on class Dojo / Tapestry pages.

Christmas Reading Challenge
Send in a Christmas themed photo of yourself and family members reading together! (You could even read to your pets!) Make it fun: By the Christmas Tree, wearing your Santa hat, whilst eating a mince pie! We intend to make a display from all the entries.
Entries to be submitted to Mrs Tinsley via email:
Closing Date: 6th January 2021

This week’s recommended reads:
EYFS ‘The Colour Monster Anna Llenas

This book is all about our friend the Monster feeling all mixed up and we help him sort his feelings out using colours for each one.
Great for us to think about how we feel and talk about it with each other. Helps the children give language to their feelings.
KS1 Somebody swallowed Stanley’ Sarah Roberts
We are recommending this as we have looked at as part of our Caring Values work. It explains pollution and littering and caring for the environment.
LKS2 Little Guide to Great Lives Nelson Mandela
Our pick this week is inspired by one of our pupils who was moved by the story of Nelson Mandela. In this book from the ‘Little Guide to Great Lives Series’, Mandela’s journey from political prisoner to president of South Africa is charted. This ties in very well with our current value of Equality which we will be exploring for the remainder of this term and into the new year.
UKS2 Brightstorm Vashti Hardy
Twins Maudie and Arthur Brightstorm are left alone in the world when their explorer father dies on a daring expedition to the unchartered territory South Polaris.
Worse news follows when he is accused of breaking the explorer’s code. Not only is he disgraced, but his property is forfeit leaving the children destitute. The twins are determined to clear his name and run away to join the crew of the sky-ship Aurora, also setting off for South Polaris. An adventure begins! Perfect for young readers who like a complex and challenging story full of twists and memorable characters.
Look out for the Christmas Book List from teachers on Dojo / Tapestry.

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Have a great weekend.

Yours sincerely

Katherine Spencer