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September 4th 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back to a new school year and I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the new families who have joined us.
As we find ourselves in strange times we are finding new ways of working to ensure we continue to deliver a broad and exciting curriculum for our children. Our intent is to continue with our planned curriculum as much as possible, to have high expectations of our pupils and to support them in any catch-up programmes considered necessary due to the disruption in their education.
Our routines are slightly different and we are all getting used to working this way. I appreciate that the staggered start and finish times are not convenient for everyone but we will do our utmost to minimise this disruption and work towards tightening the entry and exit times as everyone becomes more efficient with the routines.
Some of our changes are:

• No Tuck Shop until further notice
• No swimming until further notice
• No school assemblies in the hall, we will be carrying out virtual assemblies in time
• No whole school reading challenge although each class will have their own challenge to encourage and foster a love of reading
• Parent / teacher consultations will be done via Google meet in the week beginning 19th October
• As the weather changes we need to continue to use the field for our playtimes so children can still enjoy outdoor time each day within their bubbles. For that reason we are asking parents to supply children either with wellies or a pair of robust outdoor shoes that can be kept in school and used when it is wet. If it is not possible for them to stay in school then please can they bring them on wet days. Children will also need a warm outdoor coat for wet days.

Lunchtime Supervisors
We are in need of casual lunchtime supervisors, particularly on wet play days to supervise children in their classes whilst they eat their lunch and have some down time. All adults will be expected to socially distance from each other and children.

Anyone interested in supporting us and setting up a casual payroll contract should drop me an email.

Year 6 Bikeability
The Bikeability instructors are able to restart their programme and we are booked for three groups of 12 in the week beginning 28th September. The forms for Bikeability are attached for Year 6 pupils. If more than 36 children wish to take part then we will organise another course later in the year. If anyone does not have access to a printer please contact the school office and we will arrange a paper copy for you.

Nut Allergies
In the interest of keeping staff and children with nut allergies safe we respectfully request that parents do not send food containing nuts to school. I appreciate that many food products state a disclaimer about containing traces of nuts and most of the time these cannot be avoided. However, we would ask that you do not provide your child with things that contain
nuts directly like peanut butter, peanuts, hazelnuts etc. Thank you for your understanding.

Birthday Sweets
I know that many children like to celebrate their birthday by sharing sweets with their classmates. The only types of sweets / cakes we can allow are those that are double bagged, i.e. fun sized packs where the bars inside are individually wrapped. Maybe as an alternative this year children (parents) might like to donate the money equivalent to a charity instead? This could be celebrated in class. Just a thought.

Free School Meals
I have attached a letter for all parents from Reception up to Year 6 explaining how free school meals work and whether you may be eligible.


Via Pupil Post

Via Parent Mail
Curriculum Letter for each Team
Curriculum Plan for each Team
Bikeability Letters Year 6
Free School Meals Year R to Year 6

Have a great weekend.
Yours sincerely
Katherine Spencer