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Dear Parents and Carers

In our virtual whole school assembly on Wednesday children marked a 2 minutes silence for Remembrance Day.

Next week is Anti-Bullying Week. Children are invited to wear odd socks on Monday. All will be revealed in class on Monday.

Entry Times
I appreciate that our entry windows are now tighter and shorter, and that something may cause parents / carers to be late in the morning which means you will miss your window. Sometimes this is unavoidable.

The only clash of times now are KS1 and LKS2 but both of them are at the back of the school and parents should be able to manage the 5 minute opening window. Teachers will be out at the gates 2-3 minutes before the allotted time and will keep the gate open for 2-3 minutes after the allotted time so the gate should be open for at least 5 minutes. This should give parents enough time to drop children at different gates and different ends of the school.

I am asking parents and carers please to be prompt with these times as the knock on effect of arriving after the gate has closed is impacting on the safety measures we have in place for both schools. We are working on minimum travel down the school corridors and minimal people at the main office. Increased movement outside of bubbles causes increased risk and I ask for your cooperation and understanding in ensuring your child arrives at school on time, with the right equipment to avoid a later visit to school by parents and carers. Thank you for your understanding.

Who knows what this is going to look like this year? For adults maybe some changes but for children the excitement will be as evident as ever and I am sure that Father Christmas will find his way by hook or by crook to Witney.

School celebrations will be slightly different but each class will mark the occasion in some way and will video what they do. These will be uploaded to parents and carers in the last week of term on Dojo / Tapestry / Google Classroom. If you have not given permission for your child to be part of a published video and you would like them to be part of this memory please can you contact the school office as soon as possible. Thank you.

Our trip to the pantomime has been cancelled but fear not. A company has made a digital pantomime that we can download in the last week of term and so we will have a pantomime afternoon with some pop corn thrown in. Our thanks go to Mr David Lunt (partner of Ms Batchelor) who always sponsors our pantomime trip through his marathon running. He has offered to pay for the download so the children get a pantomime experience this year. Oh yes they will!

And finally Christmas cards. We won’t have a post box but there will be two boxes in each class, one for in class and the other for other parts of the school. The final day for posting will be Monday 14th December. All cards posted by this date will be distributed on the last day of term. Alternatively children may wish to make a donation to charity instead of cards this year.

Water Bottles
Please could I remind parents that water bottles need to be cleaned and replenished on a daily basis and that children should be bringing them to school in the morning ready filled. Thank you.

New Staff
We welcome some new members of staff some on a casual basis and one permanent.

Miss Niamh Talbot is our new Teaching Assistant in Upper Key Stage 2.

Working on a causal basis we welcome Mrs Ellie Parkes and Miss Kelly Pickett to our team.

100 Club
The first draw of the 100 Club was drawn in the presence of the Admin Team. Only 74 numbers were sold this time around. There will be another option to buy again in February.

Congratulations to the following winners:

1st Prize £35 47 Samantha Parsons
2nd Prize £25 12 Manwan ng
3rd Prize £14 11 Manwan Ng


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Have a great weekend.

Yours sincerely

Katherine Spencer