Download: No 3 Sept 18

September 18th 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

I have attached a couple of useful leaflets today, both from the school nurses. One is electronic:

The other is a double-sided flyer that we have printed and sent one per family and may be a helpful reference point in case you are wondering what to do if your child is feeling unwell.

Policy Consultation
We have written a new Relationships and Sex Education Policy which is attached to today’s newsletter for your consultation.

The consultation period will run for 6 weeks from today and will close on 30th October. I would urge you to read the policy, particularly the scheme of work as there are some significant changes to how we have taught sex and relationships before.

If you have any comments you would like to make please do so via this link:

Headteacher Appointment

Message from the Chair of Governors:

Applications for our headteacher position closed last Friday. We were fortunate to receive lots of very strong applications. The selection panel has shortlisted three candidates who will be assessed on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. I shall update you on the outcome of this next week.

Parent Governor
Our vacancy for Parent Governor is still open. Please do get in touch if you are interested and want to know more.

The closing date for nominations is next Friday and parents/carers are able to nominate themselves.

Data Sheets
Your child has brought home the data sheets of important information that we keep. Please read and return to school next week. It is vitally important that we have a minimum of two contacts for your child, preferably three. If there are any changes please write them on the form. Also return the form if there are no changes.

Oxfordshire Medical Director
The Medical Director Oxfordshire has written to all schools and asked us to write to parents for the following reason. They are asking people not to ring GP surgeries, out of hours services or hospital A&E to request access to tests. The GP, out of hours service, and A+E cannot provide this service. They do not have any additional route to access COVID testing.

The UK’s “pillar 1” testing strategy (of symptomatic individuals, households, and symptomatic children of key workers) is CENTRALLY administered.
Access to this is via the website or the DHSC Department for Health and Social Care’s “119” telephone line.

This service is experiencing capacity issues and there has been some considerable confusion about the correct route to access testing, but local health services cannot facilitate access; they do not have “priority access” and will only add to those services’ workload. Please follow national guidance on isolation, and seek testing via the national process.
‘We are assured that the national system will be improved upon, as a matter of urgency.
Those that are unable to self-care should of course contact 111 or local health services.’

Via Pupil Post
Data Sheets
Health Poster – one per family
Via Parent Mail
School Nurse Newsletter
RSE Policy

Have a great weekend.

Yours sincerely

Katherine Spencer