1. Interest Rate Information – The percentage of annual return is an interest percentage that reflects the total amount of dividends payable in an account based on the dividend rate and the frequency of the merger for a year. For savings, stock, savings and club accounts, the dividend rate and percentage of annual return may vary monthly, in accordance with the credit union. Dividend rates and annual percentages of return are rates and returns at the last dividend reporting date set out in the course plan. 2. Dividend Type – Dividends are paid on current and disposable income after reserve transfers required at the end of the dividend period. 3. Dividend Compounding and Credit – The frequency of dividend compensation and credit and the dividend period applicable to each account are indicated in the course plan. The dividend period is the period during which an account receives dividend assets. The dividend period begins on the first calendar day of the period and ends on the last calendar day of the period. 4. Dividend Determination – For all product accounts, dividend-related deposits (e.g.

B checks) are generated on the business day you put the deposit into your account. If you close your account before the accumulated dividends are credited, you will receive the accumulated dividends. 5. Balance Information: To open an account, you must deposit or deposit the necessary minimum shares into a stock account. Some accounts may have additional minimum requirements for the opening deposit. The minimum balance requirements for each account are set out in the rate plan. For sharing accounts, an average daily balance is required to obtain the percentage of annual return recorded for the dividend period. If the average minimum balance is not reached, you do not receive the annual rate card percentage of return.

For savings accounts and secondary savings accounts, a minimum daily balance is required to obtain the annual rate of return for the dividend period.