June 2018: ITS-MUT Collective Agreement – click HERE for more information. On behalf of the secretariat of Catholic education, Father Charles Mallia said: “The ecclesiastical authorities are pleased to have concluded this new collective agreement with THE MUT in time to prepare properly for the coming school year.” In general, LSEs and teachers access it because they no longer trust the MUT. It`s hard when it comes to independent schools. The union will put pressure on this salary, but it is not easy given the impact that increased spending could have on private schools. I think the government has not been smart enough to look at the situation and have enough regard for the impact that the agreement could have on the broader areas of ecclesiastical and independent schools. If you do not subsidize these independent and ecclesiastical schools, you could ultimately create a problem in the education system. “The agreement was signed without a vote and, after its publication, there was an epidemic of pedagogues. They can`t be blamed for looking at the details,” Sansone said, adding that the increase took into account the branch agreement signed by the government with all state employees. MCAST, in particular, has encountered a number of problems in collective agreements. Did the union intervene? Under the new convention, teachers who accumulate 360 hours of continuing vocational training (CPD), which includes continuing education, will be able to reach the next pay scale in six years instead of eight. The collective agreement was approved by an absolute majority of those interviewed by a vote among members of the Union of Teachers of Malta working in the secretariat of Catholic education and in ecclesiastical schools, after continuous consultation with members throughout the process. In an interview, Mr. Sansone stressed that, in principle, the agreement did not meet basic union requirements by not wanting a voice from union members.

Many of the provisions of the agreement were included in the sectoral agreement signed by the MUT and the government in December 2017. These include provisions such as progression and training initiatives, new learning aid teacher classes 3 (LSE 3) and kindergarten teacher 3 (KGE 3), time structures instead of additional leave. After intense negotiations, the ecclesiastical authorities and the Union of Teachers of Malta (MUT) have agreed on a collective agreement for ecclesiastical schools that will come into force from 2018 to 2022. The signing of this agreement was led today by Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna in the Curia of the Archbishop of Floriana. The role of the MUT as a union and its successes in this area should hardly be underscored. Teachers know that they can count on their union to negotiate wages and working conditions. Indeed, in 1947, 1953, 1955, 1959 and 1962, the MUT was able to obtain salary increases for teachers.