Sign up online in a few simple steps: membership registration can be done online. Just go to the BuyBoard website in and click on the “How To Join” link. But it is always best to check with your sales administrator what the statutes are in your special jurisdiction. Membership is free. Talk to your purchasing manager: in general, schools, colleges and government organizations are allowed to become members of the BuyBoard. These include local, local and regional authorities. Churches, private and charter schools, daycares and non-profit organizations are also eligible. However, some states restrict the membership of certain state agencies. The membership qualification is specific to your country of origin, so check that the right to sell your state allows you to buy co-ops. This information is available on its website at The Cooperative analyzed and makes premium recommendations for products and services submitted for competitive purchases.

All award-winning articles or catalogues are published on BuyBoard`s secure website so BuyBoard members can search for and select items and orders. BuyBoard is only available to members. Order through BuyBoard`s online member portal: simply send your order through BuyBoard`s online members portal. We advise our BuyBoard members to contact us first to receive a formal offer, including shipping, before submitting your order via BuyBoard. While these items are not offered by K-Log via BuyBoard, products in these categories are still available directly on K-Log. To purchase the products mentioned above, you must place a separate order and place this order directly with K-Log. To find out if a particular product is available at K-Log, to receive a quote or request a catalogue, call us at 800-872-6611 or visit our website at Most items sold by K-Log can be purchased in one of the assigned categories. This includes the fact that BuyBoard was created by the National School Boards Association and several state school boards and managed by the Texas Association of School Boards, and offers school districts the advantage of using the co-op`s ability to benefit from mass discounts, combined with the ease of buying and ordering online.