ACIL Allen Consulting has been commissioned by the Australian government to review the National Partnership Agreement on Skills Reform (NPASR). The agreement sets out the objectives and structures of intergovernmental funding and vocational training reform for the period 2012-13-2016-17. The review included national consultations with officials from the Commonwealth, The State and The Territory of the Central Authorities and the Education Departments. Representatives of public and private training providers, sector groups and regulators were also consulted. The review examined the conditions for the progress of reforms and set out the recommended priorities for future reform of the training system. 1. Council of Australian Governments, National Agreement for Skills and Workforce Development, 2012, return to text The review schedule has been extended, with the final report to be presented in December 2020. The NASWD is a high-level agreement that “identifies the long-term goals of Commonwealth and state and territorial governments in terms of skills and human resource development and recognizes the interest of all governments in ensuring the development and use of the capabilities of the Australian people in the economy.” The parties to the NASD agreed that “the national training system must be reformed to ensure that it delivers quality, responsive, fair and effective training and training outcomes.” 1 I, Hon Josh Frydenberg MP, Treasurer, in accordance with Parts 2 and 4 of the Productivity Commission Act 1998, calls on the Productivity Commission to review the National Agreement on The Development of Skills and Workers (NASWD). 2. The Honourable Steven Joyce, Strengthening Skills Expert Review of Australia`s Vocational Education and Training System, 2019, Return to text When implementing this review, the Commission should implement current and potential funding regimes, existing qualification programmes, current policy frameworks and the needs of labour market policy, and note that, as part of the vocational training system, the exam will take into account: the analysis of the data for the exam included the collection of students and courses (NCVER) from the National Centre for Research on Vocational Education (NCVER), the modelling of graduation rates and the collection of student results (SOS), as well as the analysis of VET-FEE-HELP statistical reports. , and selected data.